Megalodon Shark 46 Tooth Set

Megalodon Shark 46 Tooth Set

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46 Megalodon Tooth Replica Set

24 Upper Teeth. The Largest tooth is 5 ¾ inches. The smallest tooth is 1 ½ inches.

22 Lower Teeth. The Largest tooth is 5 inches. The smallest tooth is 2 ¼ inches.

In total, Megalodon had 46 front row teeth, 24 in the upper jaw and 22 in the lower jaw. Most sharks have at least six rows of teeth, so a Megalodon had about 276 teeth at any given time.

This 46 tooth set comes unpainted and cast in gray resin. Each tooth is numbered Upper or Lower in sequence. Painted sets of teeth are also available. The teeth are anatomically sculptured to exacting detail including fine serrations.

Megalodon meaning "big tooth" is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago, during the Miocene to end of Pliocene Epochs.

The largest verifiably measured Megalodon tooth known is nearly 7.5 inches. This monster tooth was found in Ocucaje, Peru. It measures 190mm or 7.48″ on the slant. It resides in a private collection in Peru. It was photographed, measured and casted by Craig Sundell, a researcher for the University of Kansas back in the 90’s. A replica of tooth is item 3010.

Regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators in vertebrate history Megalodon probably had a profound impact on the structure of marine communities.

In the 1990s, marine biologists such as Patrick J. Schembri and Staphon Papson opined that Megalodon may have approached a maximum of around 24 to 25 meters (79 to 82 feet) in total length; however, Gottfried and colleagues asserted that Megalodon could have reached a maximum of 20.3 meters (67 feet) in total length. However, a commonly acknowledged maximum total length of Megalodon is 18 meters (59 feet).

Gottfried and colleagues introduced a method to determine the mass of the great white after studying the length–mass relationship data of 175 specimens at various growth stages and extrapolated it to estimate Megalodon's mass. According to their model, a 15.9 meters (52 feet) long Megalodon would have a mass of about 53 tons, a 17 meters (56 feet) long Megalodon would have a mass of about 65 tons, and a 20.3 meters (67 feet) long Megalodon would have a mass of 114 tons.
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