Elrathia kingi, Cambrian Age trilobite

Elrathia kingi, Cambrian Age trilobite (Replica)

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These are authentic fossil trilobites found in the Wheeler Shale Formation, House Range, Millard County, Utah. It is from the Upper Cambrian Age of about 520 million years ago.

You are not purchasing the trilobite shown it is only an example. We have dozens of these and will pick the best ones for you.

Most of these trilobites are headless but otherwise in very good condition.

All trilobites are now extinct having flourished in the seas, from the Cambrian through the Permian. Over 15,000 species have been identified. They range in size from about 1 millimeter to 1 meter. The name, trilobite, derives from their division into three longitudinal lobes: a slightly raised central lobe (the axis), with two flatter pleural lobes on either side. They are also divided into a head shield (cephalon), a thorax of up to 30 segments, and a tail shield (pygidium). The axial region of the head shield (glabella) had cheeks on either side and often well developed eyes with many facets. Each segment of the thorax has legs, but there are rarely preserved. Trilobites could roll up (enroll) into a ball, probably for defense. Trilobites were arthropods like crabs, lobsters and insects with external skeletons.
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