Dracorex hogwartsia, Squamusal Horn Cast  Replica

Dracorex hogwartsia, Squamusal Horn Cast Replica

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This is the cast replica of the Squamusal horn of Dracerex hogwartsia. There has been no restoration all of the material you see in the cast is directly from the original fossil. The original fossil was collected in N.E. Montana's Hell Creek Formation.

In 2006 a new species of Pachycephalosaur was named, it was called Dracorex hogwartsia after the fictional "Hogwarts Academy" of author J. K. Rowling. This new species looks like the Stygimoloch spinifer accept it lacks the dome! To the left is a picture of the Dracorex skull now on exhibit at the Children's Museum.

The replica was created by molding the original fossil in 4 sections. The two horn cores were not directly attached to the skull due to the crushing. It is amazing that they survived at all when you look how crushed the skull is. The skull was then divided into a main section containing everything below the orbit and up to the snout, and the elements above the orbit. Once poured, the two skull sections are re-attached, but the horn cores remain separate.

The original fossil for this replica was collected on private land in North Eastern Montana. It comes from the upper Hell Creek Formation. The fossil was crushed, but contained the dentary area which was not present on the previous specimen. The replica is an exact copy of the original fossil in its original condition. This is the first Dracorex skull available to be purchased. The original fossil is currently being prepared further to separate the individual skull elements.

Type Species - Dracorex hogwartsia, n. gen., n.sp.
Distribution - late Cretaceous of North America.
Etymology - from the Latin words: draco (meaning dragon) + rex (meaning king). Translation: "dragon king"
Diagnosis - same as for species.
Holotype - TCMI 2004.17.1, nearly complete skull, one lower tooth, plus first, third, eighth and ninth cervical vertebra..
Etymology - After the fictional "Hogwarts Academy," invention of author J.K. Rowling, the species named in honor of her contribution to children's education and the joy of exploration.
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