All That Remains by Robert L. Pyle a West Virginia Archaeologist's Discoveries

All That Remains by Robert L. Pyle a West Virginia Archaeologist's Discoveries

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A West Virginia archaeologist's discoveries, All That Remains chronicles the intriguing findings of Bob Pyle who has spent three decades exploring ancient sites in the mountain state and around the world. From basics about archaeology itself to the most perplexing of West Virginia discoveries including the Irish ogam-like petroglyphs Pyle's book uncovers an ongoing adventure in archaeology. A fascinating story told in plain English and supplemented with over a hundred photographs and illustrations.


They Lived Here for a Long Time
Chipps Rock Shelter
Archeological Periods and Cultures Chart
Enriching the Educational Experience
Aerial Photography and Aerial Infrared Photography
Documenting the Cultural Site
Bone Research
The Stone Head
The Stone Doll
Mussels As Food
Effigy: The Weeping Eye
Perforated Bone Artifact
Bear Wallows
Projectile Pont Identification
The First Miners in West Virginia
West Virginia Geological Survey Chart
Uncommon Artifact Discoveries
The Cupstone Question
Pottery Tells A Story
Ancient Grave Yields Double Boiler
Prehistoric Pottery
Things That Are No Supposed to Exist
Things That Can Fool You
Petroglyphs And Pet Theories
The Wyoming County Petroglyph
Ogam (Ogham)
Did Irish Discover America?
The Brendan Boat
The Irish Embassy
More West Virginia Petroglyphs
Dingess Petroglyph Site Excavated
Marshall County Petroglyph
Standing Stone
Beard's Fork Petroglyph
Dameron Petroglyph
Cook Petroglyph
Studying Petroglyphs in Ireland
The Law
Investigation Method
Information Sources
References - Crosses
Archaeological Societies, Universities, And Other Sources of Information

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