4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately

4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately (Replica)

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There are 4 different fossil dig panels (sold separately). Bury these fossil dig panels in sand, sawdust, granulated rubber mulch or dirt and create a life like fossil dig experience. 
Specify which dig panel you want. 

They are:

Cretaceous Dig Panel
1---megaraptor claw 14 inch
2---quetzalcoatlus pterosaur skull
3---spinosaurus tooth
4---ankylosaurus plates
5---oviraptor egg nest
6---gigantosaurus tooth
7---triceratops brow horn
8---bambiraptor skeleton
9---spinosaurus claw
10---trex humerus
11---velociraptor foot
12---trex tooth 13 inch
13---therizinosaurus claw 23 inch
14---ornithomimus foot
15---alertosaurus maxilla with teeth

Paleozoic Dig Panel
1---trilobite motality plate---devonian
2---juvenile dimetrodon skeleton---permian
3---lung fish---devonian
5---horseshoe crab---jurassic
6---Coelacanth, fish--- mississippian
7---Helicoprion, whorl-tooth shark---permian-
8---trilobite single---devonian
9---Mixopterus, eurypterid--- Silurian
10---Bothriolepis, Placoderm---devonian
12---sea pen---cambrian

Ice Age Dig Panel
1---smilodon canine
2---cave bear skull (ask)
3---mammoth tooth
4---sloth tooth
5---mammoth carving
6---mastodon tusk
7---smilodon skull
8---woolly rhino horn
9---venus carving
10---dire wolf skull
11---mastodon tooth
12---beaver skull
13---sloth claw

Mesozoic Marine Dig Panel
1---xiphactinus fish skull---cretaceous
3---Manchurochelyes turtle---cretaceous
3---mesolimulus, horseshoe crab---jurassic
4---pliosaur tooth---jurassic
5---crocodilaeus skeleton---jurassic
6---styxosaurus, elasmosaur skull---cretaceous
7---ichthyosaur skeleton---jurassic
8---aeger, shrimp---jurassic
9---Platycarpus, mosasaur skull---cretaceous
10---prionocyclus, ammonite---cretaceous

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